Our Principles

  • Occupational safety is more than rules, regulations and procedures: It is a value by itself.
  • Highly evolved safety culture requires an emotional and behavior oriented approach.
  • Employee-oriented leadership is the key to success.
  • Visible commitment requires enthusiasm and passion.
  • Safety is ideally put into practice as a team to achieve a process of continuous improvement.

We support our clients in:

  • Systematically managing occupational safety and health. 
  • Improving safety culture within the organisation
  • Achieving active commitment of all leadership personnel
  • Recognizing safety responsibility and accountability
  • Improving risk awareness
  • Motivating toward safe working behavior
  • Addressing unsafe behavior constructively
  • Assessing risks systematically
  • Training employees in a team-oriented manner
  • Checking on work in a supportive and appreciative way


Of course we also offer our services in the form of video conferences and webinars!